Headstone & Memorial Re-Lettering

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Headstone & Memorial Re-Lettering Service

Eternal Tributes: Headstone & Memorial Re-Lettering Services

In the silent reverence of headstones and memorials, the echoes of cherished memories endure. Trust AJG Grave Tending to delicately re-letter these timeless tributes, preserving their dignity and honouring the legacies they represent. With profound respect and meticulous craftsmanship, I pledge to breathe new life into each solemn inscription.

Revitalize Your Tribute:

Personal Dedication: Every headstone & memorial re-lettering project is personally overseen by Andrew Gardner, ensuring precision, attention to detail, and reverence throughout the process.

Expert Craftsmanship: Employing advanced techniques and superior materials, I delicately re-letter headstones and memorials, restoring clarity and ensuring longevity.

Seamless Integration: Whether refreshing weathered inscriptions or correcting errors, I seamlessly integrate new lettering, preserving the integrity and aesthetic of your tribute.

Embrace Peace of Mind:

Complimentary Estimates: As a gesture of compassion, I offer free estimates tailored to your specific needs. Contact me via the button below or call the number above to schedule your consultation.

Revered Reputation: With nearly 200 heartfelt testimonials and many 5 star reviews on Google and Facebook, AJG Grave Tending is synonymous with integrity, reliability, and compassionate service.

Transparency and Trust:

Upon completion of the re-lettering, I provide photographic documentation, allowing you to witness the meticulous restoration of your tribute first-hand.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q. How long does the re-lettering process typically take? A. The duration varies based on the complexity of the inscription and other factors. Contact me for a personalized assessment.
Q. Are there any limitations to the types of materials you can re-letter? A. I specialize in re-lettering a wide range of materials commonly used in headstones and memorials, including granite, marble, and bronze.
Q. Can you match the original lettering style and colour? A. In most cases yes, I meticulously match the original lettering style and colour to ensure consistency and authenticity as closely as possible.
Q. Do you offer re-lettering for foreign languages or symbols? A. Absolutely. I provide re-lettering services for various languages and symbols, accommodating diverse cultural and religious preferences.
Q. What distinguishes AJG Grave Tending in the field of re-lettering services? A. My personalized approach, unwavering dedication to quality, and stellar reputation make me the trusted choice for restoring solemn tributes.
Q. How do I request a free estimate for re-lettering services? A. Simply click the button below or call the number above to arrange a consultation at your convenience.
Q. Can you provide examples of past re-lettering projects? A. Yes, I am pleased to share photographs showcasing the transformative results of previous re-lettering endeavours.

Pricing Information

Pricing for my headstone & memorial lettering service varies depending on the number of letters and materials used.    

Find Out More

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