Memorial Bench Refurbishment & Cleaning

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Memorial Bench Refurbishment

Memorial Bench Refurbishment Service in Kent, Sussex, Surrey, South East London and Beyond.

At AJG Grave Tending, we understand the profound importance of preserving cherished memories. Our Memorial Bench Refurbishment service is dedicated to honouring the legacy of your loved ones with meticulous care and attention to detail.

Restoring Beauty, Preserving Memories

Each bench tells a unique story—a tale of love, remembrance, and cherished moments. Over time, weather and wear can take their toll, fading the beauty and significance of these sacred spaces. I am able to help revive your bench and hopefully your memories too. Allow me to breath new life into every detail.

Why Choose AJG Grave Tending?

  • Local Expertise: Based in Chatham, Kent, we serve families and communities throughout Kent, Sussex, South East London, and Surrey. Our local presence ensures prompt and personalized service tailored to your needs.
  • Attention to Detail: We understand the sentimental value of every memorial bench. That’s why we approach each project with the utmost care and respect, ensuring that every aspect reflects the dignity and honour it deserves.


Revered Reputation:

With over 150 heartfelt testimonials and glowing reviews on Google and Facebook, AJG Grave Tending is synonymous with integrity, reliability, and compassionate service.

Photographic Documentation:

Upon completion of each quarterly visit, I provide photographic documentation, allowing you to witness the tender care and attention given to your loved one’s memory first-hand.

Experience the Difference

Rediscover the beauty of your memorial bench with AJG Grave Tending. Contact us today to learn more about our Refurbishment services and schedule a consultation. Let us help you preserve the memories that matter most.


Commonly Asked Questions

Q. What does memorial bench restoration entail? A. Memorial bench restoration involves the meticulous process of refurbishing and repairing benches dedicated to the memory of loved ones. This can include repairing structural damage, refinishing surfaces, and restoring intricate details to their original beauty.
Q. How do I know if my memorial bench needs restoration? A. Signs that your memorial bench may require restoration include visible wear and tear, such as fading paint or finish, cracks in the wood or metal, and general weathering due to exposure to the elements. If you notice any deterioration, it's advisable to seek professional restoration services to preserve its integrity.
Q. What areas do you serve for memorial bench restoration? A. We proudly offer our memorial bench restoration services throughout Kent, East Sussex, South East London, and Surrey. Our local presence ensures prompt and convenient service tailored to your specific location and needs.
Q. How long does the restoration process take? A. The duration of the restoration process can vary depending on the extent of the damage and the intricacy of the restoration required. Our team will assess your bench's condition and provide you with a timeline for completion during the initial consultation phase.
Q. Will the original character of my memorial bench be preserved during restoration? A. Absolutely. Our skilled artisans are committed to preserving the original character and sentimental value of your memorial bench. We take great care to maintain and enhance its unique features while restoring it to its former glory.
Q. What sets AJG Grave Tending apart in memorial bench restoration? A. At AJG Grave Tending, we pride ourselves on our local expertise, meticulous craftsmanship, and unwavering attention to detail. With a deep understanding of the significance of memorial benches, we approach each restoration project with the utmost care and respect, ensuring exceptional results that honor the memory of your loved ones.

Pricing Information

Memorial bench refurbishment prices vary depending on the size, location and condition of the memorial bench. Use the button on the bottom right of your screen to get an estimate.    

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