I stumbled across an advert for Andy on Facebook. My sisters and i had been talking about getting our parents headstone cleaned. It is in. It is in a rural location, under a big tree, and 41 years of weathering had made it really difficult to read. We wanted it restored so that future generations could find and read it. i messaged Andy who asked for pictures, location etc to give a quote for the big clean, and to re- paint the lettering and cross. A really reasonable quote was given and date for the work to be done. wothout ever meeting or speaking to Andy, i gave him directions to the whereabouts of our precious parents grave. I was so worried he would clean the wrong grave, or just not turn up on the rainy morning, how wrong was i! The stone is like new, like the day it was erected. My sister went to see it the next day, and described it as amazing and glowing like a saint’s grave. To be able to read the words so clearly made us all so emotional. I could not recommend Andy enough. He has made three 60 year old women blubber, but with joy and gratitude. Thank you so much Andy.