I got Andy’s details from Marketplace. I contacted him as my parents grave was in a terrible state as I was not in the best of health and couldn’t go to sort it. I contacted Andy and he went and looked at the grave and then came to see me at home. We discussed what would be best to maintain the grave with Andy maintaining it 4 times a year. The headstone had dropped and my son and I met him there to help him level it as he could never have done it on his own as it was too heavy. As you can see from the photos the transformation is amazing. I cannot begin to tell you what an amazing job Andy has done. He even sent me a copy of the receipts for the extra stuff he had to buy as the grave had dropped so much. Such a fantastic job completed by a man who takes pride in his work. I now can go and visit the grave that is well tended by Andy. Thank you so much.